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This site was created for those who would like to recreate the meals I have written about in the "Around the World in 80 Meals" site. ( On that site, I describe the meals that are cooked for me by people from many different cultures...I enjoy eating those meals and I hope to shed a more positive light on the multicultural society in the Netherlands.

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I'm Dutch/American, 29 years old, and love getting to know new people and new cultures. Plus I enjoy a good meal! So what better way to combine these interests than through this blog? The idea is to talk to my hosts about what role food plays in their life, who taught them how to cook, what differences they see between local (food) culture and their own, etc. I started out in the Netherlands, but continued the project after my move to the UK in 2007. Email: eightymeals at yahoo dot com

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Japanes Teriyaki Swordfish

swordfish filets for four
mirin (sweetened sake)
fresh "mioga" ginger
(japanese) vinegar

Pretreat the swordfish with sake and salt for half an hour to remove the fishy smell. Fry on both sides for two minutes (medium baked) in a pan, then add a small amount of sauce (30ml of soy-sauce, 30 ml of sake and 30 ml of mirin (japanese sweetened sake) with 5g sugar) and boil the sauce until it has condensed. Serve with Mioga-ginger, which is boiled beforehand with japanese vinegar and sugar.


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